Novurea powered by Triferto.

Benefit, a closer look

Novurea fertilzser is powered by Triferto and is used across the world. The active ingredient in Novurea is the urease inhibitor NBPT. Triferto Fertilizer is equiped with high tech blenders for treating urea with the urease inhibitor. The final product is branded by Triferto as Novurea.

Advantages of Novurea fertilizer

  • High nitrogen content (46%)
  • Uniform granules
  • Can be evenly spread over great widths (30-plus meters)
  • Novurea nitrogen stabiliser is a cost effective way of protecting surface applied urea from nitrogen loss as ammonia.
  • Novurea stabilizer treated urea gives the grower greater flexibility regarding the timing of the urea application.
  • The nitrogen stabilizer in Novurea offers the grower peace of mind and insures his urea nitrogen application from loss to ammonia volatilization.
  • Name
  • Novurea

    Urea treated with urease inhibitor

  • Novurea +S

    Urea + ureaseinhibitor with sulphur