Novurea, stabilized nitrogen pastureNovurea on pasture land

Dairy farmers who want to produce more milk from their own land apply fertilizer with precision. They choose a nitrogen fertilizer which can be best absorbed by the crop and efficiently turned into yield. Novurea or Novurea+S is spread over more than 150,000 hectares of pasture land annually. Trial fields and independent test results confirm that Novurea performs in line with growers’ expectations.

Long-term pasture land demo: CAN versus Novurea

Since 2011, pasture land demos and trial fields are set up every year on behalf of Triferto, comparing the effect of nitrogen fertilizer Novurea and Novurea+S on pasture land with CAN (sulphur). The purpose of the research was to determine if use of Novurea or Novurea+S on pasture land leads to a higher yield and quality compared with CAN (sulphur). The results below show that Novurea makes a positive contribution to a higher dry matter yield. 

Novurea field trial Urea NBPT urease inhibitor

NBPT treated urea - Novurea - Triferto

Novurea, conspicuously more raw protein in grass

In most cases a higher dry matter yield is only desirable if the nutritional value is also good. According to long-term research, Novurea and Novurea+S assure an increase in the raw protein content in grass. Nutritional value analyses are carried out by Eurofins Agro.

Novurea - Triferto, urea treated nbpt, urease inhibitor

raw Protein Pasture, urea treated with nbpt, urease inhibitor, novurea

Farmers experience - NBPT treated urea - NovureaPractical experience by growers

  • Strong crop, more structure
  • Can be applied with precision Easy application in collaboration with agricultural contractor (reduction in transport)
  • Availability of nitrogen in line with crop requirement
  • No nitrate accumulation (also ideal for grazing)
  • Less leaching
  • More protein and yield
  • Good ration use




  • Name
  • Novurea

    Urea treated with urease inhibitor

  • Novurea +S

    Urea + ureaseinhibitor with sulphur