With Novurea higher yields in cereal crops

Urea with ureae inhibitorArable farmers who want to secure a higher return on their investment in nitrogen fertilizers apply precision farming. Increasingly, a conscious choice is being made out of the available nitrogen fertilizers. When weighing up the decision aspects such as susceptibility to volatilisation, spreading properties and type of nitrogen are taken into account. Because wheat needs nitrogen available over a longer period, arable farmers are increasingly applying Novurea. The combination of good N efficiency, the high concentration of nitrogen (with fewer kilos more hectare applied) and the controlled  release of nitrogen make Novurea a widely used fertilizer in cereal cultivation.  

Long-term field trial with Novurea in Wheat

In a four-year field trial conducted by Hansgeorg Schönberger, N. U. Agrar GmbH, Schackenthal, a comparison was made between Urea and Novurea in wheat cultivation. The purpose of the trial was to determine the optimum fertilization time for different Nitrogen fertilizer types as well as the extent to which the effect of urease inhibitor (Novurea) contributes to a higher yield. The trial results below show a slight overrun when Novurea is used.

Wheat Trial Novurea versus CAN

Raw protein Wheat Trial Novurea versus CAN

Evaluation of Novurea Wheat trial

The differences are slight in this trial year; a consequence of the early start into growth, the well-developed plants at the time of new growth and uniform weather conditions in the spring. However, also the hot, dry weather in July during the trial year helped stop a possible greater degree of differentiation upwards.  From previous trials which were affected by more divergent weather conditions the differences were greater. In a wet spring and a dry summer Novurea benefits respectively from less nitrogen leaching and swifter uptake via the soil.

Extra return from handling

  • Since Novurea contains 70% more nitrogen than KAS, the grower can cover more hectares with 1 full spreading machine.
  • A higher concentration of nitrogen per ton of N fertilizer means reduced storage and transport costs.
  • Working with Novurea, in comparison with nitrogen fertilizers with a lower concentration of nitrogen, generally means less work.

Extra return from lower price per kg nitrogen

Between 2013 and now growers have enjoyed the price benefit. The price per kg of nitrogen of Novurea was lower than that of CAN. Via the N calculator you can easily see the financial benefit per hectare as a result of a lower price per kg of nitrogen from Novurea. Try it for yourself.

  • Name
  • Novurea

    Urea treated with urease inhibitor

  • Novurea +S

    Urea + ureaseinhibitor with sulphur